Both the spirit and the calling for the adventure travels in Brazil are evident, thanks to the variety of ecosystems that enable the practice of various modalities.
Walk into the largest urban forest of the planet, and from the top fly as a bird on a tandem flight or parachute over the green, the city and the sea, and soon land gently on the warm sands of the beach. Get into a Buggy and drive down the radical Northeastern dunes "with lots of thrill" , or explore the Amazon jungle at dawn, while the perfumed earth releases its warmth at the first rays of the sun.

The richest country in natural history, the incredible biodiversity astonishes at each step, at each encounter with rare animals and birds in their natural habitat. Lovers of biodiversity will find here more than 1.700 endogenous variety of medicinal plants,Birds, reptiles, insects and other species.
For aficionados or experts, impressive journeys of bird watching, animals and exotic plants.
To keep in Your memory and in your heart.

In the last decades Brazil has influenced the great designers of golf courses , by the possibility of joining the practice of such sport outdoors with incredible natural environment, surrounded by the native green and pleasantly refreshed by the breeze of the sea. An unforgettable experience for golf lovers , that are looking for new challenges while enjoying the scenery , and a most recommended break for a swim in the sea.
When the subject is soccer, Brazil and the Brazilians make the supporters vibrate, as well as all in the world, in a passionate way. Throughout Brazil, popular or not very popular clubs have their schools of soccer, from where originate big stars that delight the audience, with their wit and creativity. During a trip to Rio de Janeiro, for instance, going to the Maracana stadium to see a game is the same as to experience the excitement and energy with the passionate Brazilians. An experience not to be missed. In every corner of the country, beaches and parks, there is one Ronaldinho or one Romário, enjoying such democratic sport. To the corporative world, an exercise of team building in this fields, and with all this energy, can make the difference!

As the country that shelters the gigantic Amazon jungle and the Pantanal ( the biggest natural treasures in the world ) Brazil is one of the most selected destinations when it comes to fishing.
Fishermen of all levels find real paradises in crystal clear rivers in the middle of the jungle, in the wetlands as well as in deep sea water. The surprise of such variety and abundance of species is always a reason to return in future seasons.
Expeditions that besides revealing the richness of the waters, also show amazing landscapes and stories of small villages.
In the magnificent blue waters of the coast of Brazil all the splendor of the submarine world awaits to be revealed. Incredible and longed for hot spots such as Fernando de Noronha , known as the Emerald of the Atlantic for its water of the same color, already delighted Charles Darwin , with itsi untouched bio diversity. The island of Abrolhos, on the coast of Bahia, is another underwater paradise , with its wild nature totally preserved.


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