Brazil Religion & Mysticism
Brazil is one of the main destinations of religious tourism in Latin America and in the world, since it has a great diversity of religions among which there is a great acceptance and tolerance.
Its population is mainly Catholic by heritage of the Portuguese, although religious customs of Afro-Brazilian peoples are also present. From the nineteenth century began to take great importance spiritism in the country.
Many practitioners of Afro-Brazilian religions, as well as some spiritualists, are called Catholics and continue to follow this church. This kind of social tolerance with syncretism is a peculiar historical framework of the various religions in the country.
The main destinations are:
Belém – Pará
Performed the "Círio de Nazaré", which takes place the second Sunday of October and is one of the biggest religious events in the world.
Juazeiro do Norte – Ceará
It has great religious importance for the priest "Cícero Romão Batista". The municipality receives more than 2.5 million faithful per year, especially during the month of November.
Nova Trento – Santa Catarina
The religious tourism in "Nova Trento" exploded after the canonization of Mother Paulina, became the main attraction of the southern region of the country. On the 30th of May a 30km pilgrimage is carried out linking the sanctuary of "Nossa senhora do Bom Socorro" and "Santa Paulina"
Lavagem de Bonfim “Bonfim Cleaning” – Salvador
The procession takes place in the month of January, it is a celebration that 264 years ago mobilizes millions of faithful, supporters and tourists. The "Church of Bonfim" is one of the most visited in Brazil, for its mysticism and cultural importance.
Ouro Preto – Minas Gerais
It shelters impressive constructions of the colonial period, counts on imposing churches. Religious tourism is highly valued in the “Minas” state.
Aparecida – São Paulo
The city of Aparecida in the interior of San Pablo, is one of the main destinations of religious pilgrimage in Latin America, called fuel as the capital of faith.
During the holiday of October 12, many faithful walk on their knees 392 meters from the “catwalk of faith” as thanks or promises made.
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