Jericoacoara is located on the west coast of the Ceará State, approximately 300 kms away from the city of Fortaleza. Until a few years ago, it was just a small fishing village completely isolated from the world and still maintains the rustic atmosphere and in harmony with nature. The beautiful scenery of Jericoacoara is made up of cliffs, large dunes that can reach thirty meters high, beautiful beaches and the famous freshwater lagoons, which together form a beautiful natural landscape. The ""Praia do Perá'' Perá Beach is the closest to the villa and more accessible, ideal for those who just want to relax and rest, attending the beautiful sunset from the dune "Pôr do Sol" (Sunset). The beach has 12 kms lenght and is the most frequented by those who are looking for radical sports, such as windsurfing and kitesurfing, which need strong and constant winds (one of the main characteristics of the place). The "Praia da Malhada" is suitable for surfers and is on the way to ""Pedra Furada"" (Perforated Stone), a symbol of the region. The famous natural lagoons of fresh water are also great attractions, being the main ones; "Lagoa Azul" and "Lagoa do Paraíso", with transparent waters that bathe fine and white sands. Another attraction worth visiting is the ruins of Tatajuba, a small settlement buried by the dunes.


** Jericoacoara city has a mandatory tourism rate. The payment must be made in advance. Please, access the City hall website to proceed with this payment and avoid delays while entering in the city : ACCESS HERE!


  • Airport (FOR) - Jericoacoara

    Estimated Transfer Time - 04 Hours
  • Important

    This destination requires average physical activity. Passengers should be in good health, able to climb stairs and walk on uneven terrains Este destino requer atividade física média. Os passageiros devem estar em boa saúde, capaz de subir escadas e andar em terrenos irregulares
  • Important

    It is important to bring money in Brazilian currency (Real), preferably in smaller amounts since the availability of ATMs and banking agencies may be reduced and not all establishments accept payments with credit cards.
  • Important

    It is recommended to carry your own remedies, since being an ecological destination, the availability of pharmacies and remedies are very limited


  • Recommended

    It is recommended to bring cap or hat, sunglasses, light and comfortable clothes, insect repellent and sandals
  • Kitesurf

    Considered one of the best spots on the Brazilian coast to practice water sports, Jeri and his good winds end up bewitching those who get there only to get to know paradise.
  • Walk to Pedra Furada

    Pedra Furada, one of Jeri's famous postcards, is a thirty-minute walk from Jericoacoara Beach (following right).
  • Buggy tour

    The buggy tour around the beaches and surroundings of Jericoacoara to the small Villa of Tatajuba and the buggy tour to the "Blue Lagoon". Appreciate the sunset from the dune "Pôr do Sol". Between the months of June and August the sunset fits perfectly in the "Pedra Furada", being a beautiful and imperdible spectacle of nature.
  • Jijoca Lagoon

    The lagoon, which is in the municipality of Jijoca de Jericoacoara, is one of the points of Jeri, with fine sands and crystal clear waters in different shades of green and blue.