PIPA: It is located on the southern coast of the province of Rio Grande do Norte, 85 kms away from the city of Natal, belonging to the municipality of Tibau do Sul. Until the 1980s, it was a small and quiet fishing village, which was gradually developed based on agriculture, livestock and mainly, fishing. Its name originates in a stone located in the extreme point of the ""Praia dos Afogados"", that when being seen from the sea by the old Portuguese explorers, exposed the format of a ""Pipa"", that in Portugal was the more usual denomination For an oak barrel used to store drinks like wine. It is known for its beautiful beaches of fine and clear sands, natural pools of warm water, coconut trees and large cliffs along the coast. In addition to its main beach, called ""Praia da Pipa"". It is also worth to visit the famous Praia do Amor, Praia das Minas and Praia do Madeiro. The night is quite hectic and in the main street you can find different options of bars, restaurants, nightclubs and shops with nice souvenirs to buy.

TIBAU DO SUL: Located 9km from the City of Pipa, is a municipality of the state of Rio Grande do Norte. Tibau do Sul is a small city and a place where nature, peace and tranquility reign in perfect harmony. Besides the beautiful beaches, the small town is bathed by the ""Lagoa dos Guaraíras"", very frequented by the fishermen of the region and with beautiful mangroves, that serve like natural creations of prawns. The main beach of Tibau do Sul is "Praia das Cacimbinhas", which with its white sands, warm water and imposing cliffs, forms a beautiful natural landscape, frequented by tourists from all over the world. Attending the sunset from the beach is an unforgettable experience.



  • Airport (NAT) - Pipa

    Estimated Transfer Time - 02 Hours
  • Airport (NAT) - Tibau do Sul

    Estimated Transfer Time - 01 Hours and 45 minutes


  • Beaches

    Pipa beach, Curral, Amor, Minas, Sibauma, Tibau do Sul, Cacimbinhas, Madeiro
  • Boat tour

    The boats leave between ten and eleven o'clock in the morning from the beach of Pipa and take to the Dolphin Cove, passing through the beaches of Curral and Madeiro. The afternoon tour takes you to the Guaraíras lagoon, in Tibau do Sul, to watch the sunset.
  • Buggy tour

    The adventure takes place on the South coast, with the first stops at the Chapadão lookout point and the Amores and Minas beaches. After crossing the dunes of Sibaúma beach, you come to the pools of Barra de Cunhaú and the sweet waters of the Catú river.
  • Ecological Sanctuary of Pipa

    Installed in an area of 120 hectares of Atlantic Forest, the Ecological Sanctuary of Pipa offers 14 light, short and signposted trails that lead to lookouts and beaches
  • Biking

    More experienced cyclists can depart from the Center towards Barra do Cunhaú, in the south, on a route that alternates between cliffs over the cliffs or along the sand, for a total of 24 km, more or less in 4 hours - round trip.
  • Surf

    The region has about 15 points, and the best of the beaches of Amor, Madeiro, Tibau and Curral - is being suitable for beginners.