Ilha Grande is located in the bay of Angra dos Reis, faces the coast of the state of Rio de Janeiro and is part of the municipality of Angra dos Reis. From the mainland, regular boats or private boats, which can leave the port of Mangaratiba, Conceição de Jacareí or Angra dos Reis, to the island. With regular boats, it takes about an hour and a half, depending on which port the boat takes. The region is known as the Brazilian Caribbean, famous for its rich and beautiful ecosystem, which has numerous beaches, waterfalls, mountains, lagoons, and jungle with abundant vegetation of the Atlantic Forest type. Ilha Grande was a presidio island until 1994, so it is a new destination. Most of the island's tourist structure is in "Abraão Village", where hotels, bars, restaurants, and shops are concentrated. The topography is mountainous, being its highest points; The summit of the "Stone of Water" with 1031 meters and the "Pico do Papagaio", with 982 meters. Its historical importance began at the time of the discovery of Brazil in the year 1500. Its first inhabitants were about 150 Indians and the island had international prominence, registering episodes of piracy, the slave trade and contraband of goods between the 16th and 19th centuries. It also survived the sugarcane and coffee crops. It still displays beautiful historic sites such as churches amid exotic and lush tropical vegetation. In 1903 was installed the Presidio of "Two Rivers", which remained until 1954 and which is segregated to politicians, spies, collaborators of foreign governments and celebrated writers. Today the island is a self-sustaining ecological tourism center and is very well preserved, which is considered State Park and Biological Reserve.

In 2019 Ilha Grande won the title of WORLD HERITAGE BY UNESCO 



  • Airport (GIG) - Ilha Grande

    GIG - Angra dos Reis: Estimated Transfer Time - 3 hours + Angra Dos Reis - Ilha Grande Regular Sailboat - 01 hour and 30 minutes
  • Important

    It is recommended to bring your own remedies for personal use, as they may not be easily obtainable on the island


  • Diving

    The crystal clear waters of Ilha Grande harbor wrecks and diverse marine life - there are more than 900 species
  • Beaches

    Lopes Mendes Beach, Aventureiro Beach, Caxadaço Beach, Parnaioca Beach
  • Boat tour

    The most requested excursions are to the beach of Japaris - passing through Lagoa Azul, Parish of Santana Leste and Saco do Céu - and to Palmas, with an hour walk to Lopes Mendes and stops at Ilha do Morcego and Abraãozinho. Most tours depart from Abraão Village.
  • Aqueduct

    There are 26 arcs, in a sequence of 125 meters in length. Built in 1873 with stones and whale oil, the aqueduct served to supply water to the Lazareto Prison, now in ruins
  • Trekking

    Ilha Grande is full of well-marked trails in the middle of the Atlantic forest. Walking, it is possible to go around the island and get to know some of the most beautiful landscapes of the region