Trancoso is 30 kms away from Porto Seguro and 720 kms from Salvador. This charming village was born from an old Jesuit village, founded by the Jesuit fathers in 1586 and known as "São João Batista dos Indios". It remains until today as one of the last surviving specimens of the first settlements in Brazil. Centennial trees like "jacks", mangoes, almonds and jacarandas, frame the landscape and give a special atmosphere to the village. A large rectangle, with the Church of São João Batista in one of the headwaters, a soccer field and houses built in a straight line (low and glued to each other), form the famous "Square" (Square), as it is known the Plaza de São João. The houses in its surroundings that once were fishermen's houses, now houses bars, restaurants , inns and stores.One of the beaches closest to the villa is the "Praia dos Nativos", where the river Trancoso flows and where visitors can try the typical Bahia food in various shops which offer live music. Other beaches worth visiting are; dos Coqueiros Beach, Rio da Barra Beach, Rio Verde Beach, Praia Ponta de Itaquena, Praia de Itapororoca, "Beach of Curuípe" and Praia do Espelho "Beach of the Mirror''.


  • Airport (BPS) - Trancoso

    Estimated Transfer Time - 01 hour and 30 minutes - 35,6 km (north direction)
  • Transfer in specials dates.

    Subject to delays due to raft crossing
  • Distance from Arraial D'Ajuda

    28 km (north direction)
  • Distance from Caraíva

    36 km (south direction)
  • Distance from Espelho

    24 km (south direction)
  • Distance from Santa Cruz de Carabralia

    98 km (north direction)


  • Shopping

    Shopping Avenida
  • To Discover

    L'Occitane Theatre
  • Quadrado

    Village center where you will find bars, restaurants and shops.
  • Nativos Beach

    It´s near "The quadrado"
  • Rio da Barra

    Beautiful meeting between the river and the sea.
  • Taípe Beach

    Faults and cliffs on the sea
  • Espelho beach

    Amazing for enjoy the day